The 2 days of the Feminist Leadership program were a very special gift.

I did it at a time when I was experiencing extreme fatigue and didn’t see the extent to which I was in “survival mode”. I work as a feminist Economist on global issues, for the global union movement, dealing with the impacts of a global pandemic, climate crisis and the intersections of all the related issues as well as living with Long COVID for a year and a half.

Each and every conversation and interaction at the workshop gave me space to create new ideas and strategies and turn wonderful insights into impactful action.

Translating the wisdom and facilitation skills of Angela and Joanna and absorbing the great lessons from other participants was easy. And months later what I took from those 2 days has me opening space for the things that are most important in my life, my work, my leadership and my experience of joy, energy and hope. Fantastic. I am deeply grateful.