I would describe this course as a soul bath for feminist leaders that are struggling with the realities of putting that kind of leadership into practice. I arrived with a particular leadership challenge, feeling the full burden of how to practice feminist leadership, loving kindness, delegating power, practising fairness and firmness all at the same time. I came away feeling like a new person, aware that the challenges are still there, but that I feel so much stronger and capable of dealing with whatever comes my way.

I think the 3 most magical things were the practical exercises (to get right into questions around power and leadership), the facilitators who held the space lightly and skilfully, creating a really safe space and the other participants, who just gave me so much energy, inspiration and hope.

I’m very grateful to Joanna and Angela and feel like I might need an annual bath ;). I’ve also signed up our country directors and campaign directors to the next events.